March 31, 2009 – 7:02 pm

Prezentit is a simple, web-based online presentation editor that allows you to create an online presentation with multiple collaborators together, all through your web browser and without any downloads required. When you are finished with your presentation, you can share it on the web with a unique URL for your specific presentation. You can also download the file and play it locally on any computer through a web browser. Unfortunately, unlike some of the more full-featured web-based online presentation services, Prezentit, can not import real Microsoft PowerPoint files, nor can it save it in that format, so you’re limited to their online format.

Prezentit is strong in the fact that it’s very simple and straight forward to use, however its simplicity is also its downside. The service is pretty bare in features. You can add text and images to your presentation, however there are no templates or other nifty features that you might have become accustomed to using in PowerPoint. Prezentit does allow you to upload images from you computer into your presentation, and stores them on their server allowing up to 250MB of images to be stored.

The UI is very intuitive and Prezentit is a neat service for people that need to collaborate a few ideas and want to have a copy of it that they can share with each other or save for later use. There are however, many other services out there that are more full-featured and that allow you to import and save actual PowerPoint files so that you have a lot more versatility in how you edit and share your presentation. The service is rather new and I expect many features will be added and upgraded as it develops.

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